It is 15 years since Britain last staged a credible world heavyweight title fight – let's pass on the David Haye-Audley Harrison farce in 2010 – but this summer will see Tyson Fury in a  worthy challenge for the crown on home territory.
When Merseysider Martin Murray faces arguably the world's most brutal boxer, Gennady Golovkin, of Kazakhstan, tomorrow night (Sat) he will be relieved that the contest has been booked for Monte Carlo rather than Madison Square Garden.
Perhaps more than any other sport boxing loves to feed off its anniversaries and the one this week which celebrates –
Remember that old refrain: "Why are we waiting, oh why are we waiting?" It is one the world of boxing has been humming these past few days - actually more like weeks, months, even years.
Diplomatic exchanges are not normally associated with boxing but those that have been taking place between the governments of the USA and Cuba may have a dramatic effect on the sport's future.
Deontay Wilder's brilliant acquisition of the WBC heavyweight championship makes heavyweight boxing a whole new brawl game, both in the ring and outside the ropes.
Being knocked unconscious is an unpleasant experience in any sport, whether it is in the ring or on the playing field. We have been hearing a lot about the effects of concussion on rugby players and I believe there is much to be learned from the way boxing deals with the problem of serious head injuries and the possible after-effects.
The bad news for 2015 is that the mega-fight the public have waited for too long, between Floyd Mayweather Jnr. and Manny Pacquiao, which was closer to reality, now looks like it won't happen. More bad news is that Audley Harrison intends to make a comeback.

At 43, he says he wants just one more shot so that he can go out on a high. The danger is he is more likely to go out on a stretcher. Especially if he gets his wish to face fellow British Olympic super-heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua.
The past 12 months have seen the public regain a healthy appetite for boxing and I predict 2015 will be the year of the hungry heavyweights, with the ring's juggernauts restoring the glitz and glory of the division on which the fight game's history largely rests.  The New Year heralds a new dawn for big men and big punchers.

What's more, the Yanks are coming - again. At last, after years of heavyweight humiliation at the hands of the family Klitschko, they believe they have unearthed a rough diamond, a real gem rather than just another hapless contender.
After the fistic fiesta that was 2014 finally draws to its close, it's time to announce my highly unofficial annual gongs.

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