Warren Quotes on Bunce's Boxing Hour

Posted on 05 March 2013 in Press Releases
Promoter Frank Warren yesterday went on Steve Bunce's Boxing Hour show on BoxNation to discuss the postponement of the Ricky Burns v Miguel Vazquez WBO/IBF World Lightweight Unification contest.

The fight is now reschedule for Saturday 20th April at Wembley Arena with Burns v Vazquez and Nathan Cleverly's WBO World Light-Heavyweight title defence against Robin Krasniqi.

Warren told Bunce:

"I knew on Friday night/Saturday morning that Vazquez was ill and we had a medical certificate in Spanish that we had to get translated.

"It is a great shame. It is not something I wanted.

"We have hired the venue, sold the tickets and paid for air fares up front.

"For anyone to even suggest that we don't want the fight to happen is ridiculous. I  fought to make the fight.

"It is important for Ricky Burns to win the other belt and it will put him in a great bargaining position with Broner.

"For anyone to suggest in any shape ot form that we didn;t have anyone under contract is wrong.

"We showed photographs and have the signed contract, but unfortunately he has been ill.

"Last year Darren Barker pulled out of fights, Devon Alexander v Kell Brook has been delayed. Is that all a sham?

"It is this small minority of idiots who spread poison and try to kill the shows.

"The fighters are out of pocket and I feel for them, but collectively we are all out of pocket.

"Unfortunately Ricky has had two postponements in his last two fights and things happen.

"The bottom line is that the fight will go ahead. I could have done the easy thing and found a substitute opponent and we would have got slagged off.

"I worked hard to get this fight and will keep it because it is the key to Ricky's success.

"Nathan Cleverly hasn't been well either.

"This fight is 100% on and I am not letting it go even though it would be easy to tear up the contract and move on.

"It is postponed, that is all.

"We are in the age of the internet. In some ways it is a good thing, but there is also a lot of misinformation on the internet.

"Journalists who should know better just go out and run these stories and don't pick up the phone without checking the facts.

"The facts are that it has been postponed and will take place on April 20 and Ricky Burns will win a tough, tough fight.

"All this will then be forgotten and we will be speaking highly of Ricky.

"Alex Morrison and Ricky are unhappy but nothing can be done about it. They have been provided with the doctor's note and contracts saying the fight is on.

"There is a sabotage mentality and it is ridiculous. There are so many talking heads out there telling me how to run my business."
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