Fighter Diary by Billy Joe Saunders

Billy Joe Saunders

In his second exclusive diary entry, world champion Billy Joe Saunders gives us an update from his Sheffield training camp ahead of his defence against Willie Monroe jr at the Copper Box on September 16

THE QUESTION I am getting asked most at the moment is what is making such a difference for me working with my new trainer Dominic Ingle and what is he like to work to with.

I have to say, Dom reminds me in a way of my first trainer Jimmy Tibbs. He will take no nonsense at all, he doesn’t care who you are – whether you are a superstar or a fly on the wall in the gym.

He treats everyone the same, but training is training and work is work. That is the way he looks at it and that is what I need.

Myself and Dom have got a good natural respect for each other. In this game it is very hard to find someone you fully trust, but I absolutely trust him and give him everything I’ve got in the boxing side of it – every bit of trust I’ve got.

I have put my career into his hands and it is working for me so far.

He is not trying to teach an old dog new tricks, although I am only 27 and not as old as some people seem to think. A few people were watching me spar the other day and afterwards they were like ‘woh, fair play, you have come on’.

For me though, it is more about me being happy where I am at, it is a different side of training that I haven’t done before and it is also hard work and dedication.

I am living in Barry’s (Kid Galahad) house so there is no messing about and no bad food or chocolate kicking about.

Sometimes you do feel like paying a visit to McDonald’s and eating everything in the place but, if you want to get to the top – which I already am – and fulfil the dreams that I know are in front of me, I am prepared to do anything now.

Will people notice the difference in me when it comes to fight night? What I will say is ‘watch this space’. We will see who the bum is on September 16 and I will let other people be the judge of it.

I am not going to say you will see a different me, we will let the fans judge me at the Copper Box and I hope and believe they will like what they see.

More from Billy Joe’s exclusive Fighter Diary column next week

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