By Frank Warren

BT Sport sign deal with Frank Warren and BoxNation

The two big winners in the landmark partnership between BoxNation and BT Sport – set to launch in 2017 – will be the boxers and the fans.

The fans have the guarantee of no less than 30 top domestic shows to satisfy their fistic fix, as well as the unrivalled international showdowns that are already delivered on an almost weekly basis.

Subscribing to BoxNation or accessing the channel via a BT Sport package is going to be an absolute must for true fans of the sport – they are going to enjoy incredible value from this groundbreaking partnership.

The boxers will enjoy an unparalleled platform on which to showcase their talents to the widest of audiences. BT are serious players in sport in this country and place a huge emphasis on superb production and presentation of their product.

In tandem with EE, they have a bigger public reach than anyone else in the business. The often-spouted theory about BoxNation not providing its fighters with a wide enough profile is about to be blasted out of the water.

This is a game changer, make no mistake about that.

Our stable of huge promise, which we have nurtured and developed over recent years, now has an even greater incentive to prosper and will gain fantastic exposure across BT’s numerous outlets.

They will also have every good reason to stay in the gym and remain in supreme condition because we will be the busiest promotional company in Europe and the opportunity to fight regularly will be there.

The exposure will be at all different levels, from when they begin as professionals and right throughout the journey towards title contention. We also have the facility to provide a PPV platform as well. It will be a genuine one-stop shop.

It has been a long-term goal of ours to marry the channel with a major broadcaster of BT’s calibre, we have worked hard on it and finally got it over the line. At BoxNation we have always been innovative – right from the off – and now a channel that we own and have grown will soon have a greater reach than Sky.

The partnership will also afford us the scope to further invest in and improve on what BoxNation currently delivers. We will keep growing it and seek to strengthen our position as the undisputed Channel of Champions.

The delivery of 30 top drawer shows –all on BoxNation with 20 of them also shown by BT – takes me back to my early days at ITV, when the appetite was similar. This takes boxing into a bright new era and I am personally really looking forward to the challenge of bringing about the biggest fights for our market.

BoxNation now has a partner who is firmly established and extremely successful in what they do which, in turn, will enable me to now focus all my energies 100 per cent on boxing.

That is my game.

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