Second Coming - Dublin
Second Coming - Dublin



Irish hero Jamie Conlan stopped Adrian Dimas Garzon in four rounds with rival Paul Butler watching on from ringside at the National Stadium in Dublin.

It was Conlan’s return to the historic venue after his thriller against Junior Granados in July when he was involved in a brutal war with the Mexican and was dropped twice in the seventh round before rallying back to win on the scorecards.

This time Conlan, known as The Mexican, made an easier night of it by dropping Argentine Garzon in the fourth round with a crunching body shot and after getting up, Conlan plied the pressure on with Garzon on the ropes and the referee stopping the fight.

The 28-year-old from Belfast, who holds the WBO Intercontinental title which was not on the line, took his record to a perfect 15-0 with 9 KO’s.

Also watching ringside was his younger brother Michael, who became Ireland’s first ever male world amateur champion last month in Qatar, and Irish MMA superstar Conor McGregor, which shows the growing popularity of Conlan.

A blockbuster showdown against Ellesmere Port star Butler, the former IBF World Bantamweight Champion, could happen next year and Conlan believes he would be the winner.

“It was good to get Garzon out of there early and without going through what I went through against Granados!” Said Conlan.

“I like to please the crowd as they pay good hard earned money to see me fight and they got the result they wanted when I stopped Garzon,”

“The talk will be of Butler next and I hope it happens, at this weight without a lot of big names we need each other and that would be one hell of a fight,”

“I’m glad he made it over to Dublin to see me fight tonight and the next time I want to see him is when we’re in the ring together,”

“I know I can beat him, he’s fast, but I’m faster, he can punch, but I can puncher harder, I know I’m just that little bit better than him in every department.”


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