posted on: 12/07/2017

By Frank Warren

Yarde v Buglioni

Anthony Yarde picked up the second title of his short career to date at the Copper Box on Saturday and, if Frank Buglioni is true to his tweeting, a shot at the British title shouldn’t be too far away.

The 25-year-old light heavyweight somehow manages to combine being majestic and fearsome at the same time when he enters the ring. His athleticism and movement is a sight to behold as he sets about cornering his opponents, before making every shot count.

He is developing into a real monster and gets more and more impressive with each fight. The fella he fought, Richard Baranyi, has a good record and was the WBO European champion, so he didn’t come with the intention of being put flat on his back.

That is where they all seem to end up now and I don’t see it changing any time soon.

Buglioni is obviously being bombarded with tweets from fans asking for his assessment on the now 12-0 Anthony and this was his reply at the weekend.

“Untested. Low work rate. Team Wise Guy wants that work.”

Well Frank, there should be no problem making the fight then. Get your manager to call me and it is done – in a heartbeat.

I am not really sure how you can question Anthony’s work rate. It is not as it he lets his opponents off the hook, but he is not wasteful in his work and every shot he throws is a telling one.

This game isn’t just about chucking loads of punches. It is about where you throw your shots and how you throw them. Everything he does has been near enough punch perfect up to now.

I’ve got a lot of time for Frank and we worked together for a long while. My message to him is let’s do it and get this fight on ASAP.

Let me know if you are free in September!

ANOTHER YOUNG MAN who is ticking all the boxes at the moment is our ferocious featherweight Ryan Garner, who moved to 6-0 with a first round stoppage of Tamas Laska on Saturday.

Ryan Garner

I am very excited by the potential of this young lad and I really believe he will go far.

For a novice, the punches he throws and his shot selection is incredible. He throws them from all angles and, to my mind, this kid is going to be a little star.

Providing a showcase for the likes of Ryan, Anthony and Daniel Dubois is what Saturday’s show was all about – giving them all the opportunity to shine.

They all grasped that opportunity in some style and there will be many more of those to come when the new season gets underway in September.

More reflections on the Copper Box -and that rumpus – from Frank tomorrow


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