posted on: 10/11/2016

By Frank Warren

The Brentwood Centre on November 25 will play host to the latest stop on the journey of one of British boxing’s brightest talents.

Anthony Yarde

I am really excited about our light-heavyweight prospect Anthony Yarde. Here is a young man who will light up division once he has learned the ropes – and he is making pretty light work of what has been put in front of him so far.

He is a work in progress and there really is no rush. He has clocked up eight wins with seven KOs since turning pro in the middle of last year and, given that he has limited amateur experience, the idea is to keep him busy and have him learn on the job.

It is a balancing act when it comes to matching young prospects who set tongues wagging. First of all, those with ambitions of their own aren’t exactly queuing up to get in the ring with him, but it is up to us to move him along at a sensible pace and not get carried away.

Yes, his style is eye-catching and explosive, but he has got to learn the tricks of the trade and it would be foolish to completely let him off the leash at this early stage.

Anthony would happily to the plunge into deeper waters right now, but his knowledgeable trainer Tunde Ajayi knows what is best for him and is keeping him on a short rein for the time being.

His opponent next time out in Essex provides a step up in terms of record, with Ferenc Albert in winning credit by 22-10.

That still wouldn’t make me bet against another quick-fire finish because he reminds me very much of a young Nigel Benn. He picks his shots a bit more than Nigel did in the early days, but when he lands there is generally only one outcome and his opponents end up on the seat of their pants.

He also has the same charismatic demeanour and god looks as former world light-heavyweight champion John Conteh.

He carries natural power in both hands and is a concussive puncher. He made quite an impression in Texas when we took him out there to feature on the undercard of Smith-Canelo.

When he caught the fella – Rayford Johnson – he casually kept strolling past his victim and we were screaming from ringside for him to back up his good work.

But he knew what he had done and was fully aware his night’s work was complete. Johnson was out on his feet and Anthony spared him further punishment.

The 25-year-old recently met the great Conteh at our Nordoff Robbins charity bash and the one-time Liverpool Lip happily imparted a few words of wisdom.

I really wouldn’t be surprised if Anthony ends up following in the footsteps of one of Britain’s finest ever in sweeping the board at light heavyweight.

If he doesn’t it won’t be for the want of trying because he puts in hard yards in the gym and stays in tip-top condition regardless of whether he is working towards a fight date or not.

That is what provides you with the best chance of success in this game, dedicating a good proportion of your waking hours to putting it in, in the gym.

You only have to look at Anthony to see that he follows this formula to the letter, as he is some specimen.

Of course, I am fully aware that he has yet to take one on the whiskers and we don’t know how he will respond, but from what I have seen of him so far, he doesn’t look prone to leaving gaping holes in his defences so it might not become an issue.

BoxNation viewers will be able to track every exciting step of Anthony’s professional voyage. Next port of call Brentwood on November 25 – pop the date in your diaries.

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