WBA HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION Trevor Bryan has labelled his forthcoming opponent Daniel Dubois as a quitter who will be out of his depth when he challenges for the title on June 11 over in Florida.

The unbeaten Bryan, however, does acknowledge the threat posed by the young knockout artist Dubois and admits it presents a significant threat to his 22-fight professional winning streak.

Trevor Bryan was talking to Dev Sahni for the Unibet Lowdown. Click to watch full interview.

“I fight like every fight is my last fight,” the New Yorker told Dev Sahni on the Unibet Lowdown. “I am gonna give my heart, my soul and every inch, every bit of strength I have in this coming up fight on June 11 because, even with the heavyweights, this career doesn’t last long. Every opportunity I do get with names like Daniel Dubois and fighters after this, you want to fight your hardest and show everybody you have the heart and show everybody your skills are going to carry you along.

“So yeah, I am treating this like it is my last fight,” added the 32-year-old, before making reference to Dubois’ sole professional setback against Joe Joyce at the end of 2020.

“Daniel Dubois is a strong fighter, he has fought some good guys, but I am on a different level. You saw that when he came up against some good opposition, he quit, gave up.

“You don’t quit, you don’t give up. I would rather go out on my shield. He is an okay guy but he is going in against a nightmare, I will be a nightmare for him and not the fight that he wants. Maybe he should have went back and tried to reverse the loss he had against Joe Joyce before he came to the champion.

“Now that he’s said he wants the champion, he begged for this fight and now he has it. He has it and now he has to pay for it. I’m not the type of fighter where you can step in the ring and think you can walk all over me. I am not heavyweight champ for no reason and on June 11 I’m gonna show everybody that I am a name that you are supposed to respect.

“I am that man who is going to be sticking around for a long time in this sport. I am taking over, so on June 11 you guys are going to see what Trevor Bryan, The Dream, is all about.”

Trevor Bryan v Daniel Dubois on June 11 for the WBA heavyweight championship will be shown live on BT Sport immediately after the Queensberry show from Telford earlier in the evening.

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