Myself, along with everybody at Queensberry Promotions, send our heartfelt condolences to Peter Hamlyn and his family following the tragic loss of his son, Dominic, aged just 24.

Dr Hamlyn, a friend of boxing is the eminent neurosurgeon who saved the life of Michael Watson back in 1991. He was then one of the prominent medical advisors who provided the expertise to put in place the safety measures that protect the health of boxers to this day.

Gifted student Dominic, who was studying for a Masters at Cambridge, was a regular fund raiser for the Brain & Spine Foundation, founded by his father and said he was inspired to do so by the life-saving operations Peter performed on Michael following his fight against Chris Eubank at White Hart Lane.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Peter, Geraldine, Benedict and Gabriel for their sad loss.

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