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FORMER Team GB ace Callum Thompson has signed a long-term promotional agreement with Queensberry Promotions.

The Liverpool boxer, could have been heading to the Tokyo Olympics, but had his dreams shattered when rule changes were made in June 2019.

It was decided that weight classes for men would be reduced from ten to eight so the women’s competition could increase from three to five divisions.

It meant heartbreak for Thompson when the 60kg division was dropped and last year he decided to turn professional under manager and trainer Joe Gallagher.

Thompson who will box at Super-Featherweight explained: “The Olympic weights changed and they took the Lightweight (60kg) class out so I was put in a position to move up or move down.

“Dropping to 57kg was too much of a stretch especially as I would have had to make that weight day after day at competitions.

“At 63kg there were too many lads on the squad and I didn’t think I was big enough anyway.

“I could have grown into that weight and would have had a chance of making the 2024 Olympics, but I didn’t want to wait that long.

“It is a bitter-sweet situation because it has given me more time to gel with Joe, but at the same time I don’t like to be inactive so it has been frustrating.

“I haven’t boxed for two years, but it is what it is. People have been and are in worst situations. I have got to be grateful for what I have now.

“With Joe and Frank I am in a very good position. I am ready to fight once they give me a date.”

Thompson won a Three Nations gold medal twice and five bronze medals for Team GB in six international competitions during his two years on the squad.

Callum started boxing aged seven and had 96 amateur bouts. He was also in the England squad from the age of 13 for five years before getting his GB place.

It was a chat with former WBA World Lightweight champion Anthony Crolla that brought Thompson to Gallagher’s attention.

Thompson explained: “I’d already left GB and I got speaking to Anthony Crolla. He  spoke to Joe and I went to the gym to spar with Scott Quigg before his fight with Jono Carroll last year.

“I knew how good a trainer he was and I went down on a trial basis. I loved every minute and I have never left.”

Gallagher said: “Callum doesn’t take any short cuts in training, listens, learns and for me as a trainer it’s exciting to start from the beginning with a very good young fighter.

“People who watch Callum will say afterwards, ‘Who is that? I want to see him again.’ That is the reaction from people who come to the gym.

“I am sure Frank Warren will keep him busy, and with his track record of development, Callum will get the right fights at the right time.”

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  • trainerJoe Gallagher
  • born11 July 1997
  • place of birthKirkby, Merseyside
  • residenceKirkby, Merseyside
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