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Jake Henty

OUTSTANDING AMATEUR STAR Jake Henty is poised to turn professional and has signed a promotional agreement with Frank Warren and Queensberry.

The super welterweight, who has just turned 21, won three National titles across his stint in the amateur code, as well as represented England in international competition over a period of five years. Having competed in the  Tri-Nations and Europeans, Jake clocked up 50 fights with only five going against him.

Inspired to box by his cousins, Jake took up the sport at the age of six and currently trains under Ryan Barrett at the Gumshield Boxing Gym in Eltham.

“I am looking forward to boxing for Frank and Queensberry and I am looking to go as far as I can possibly go,” said the Southpaw on his promotional pact.

“Frank is just the best man to go professional with and, with the stage I am at, he is definitely the best man for me. Obviously I have seen a lot of young fighters go with him before and do well, which proves he is the right man to take me forward.

“My manager Richard Clark made the connection for me with him having worked with Queensberry before and that was my way into getting to fight for Frank.”

Based in Welling where he forged a friendship with fellow local Archie Sharp, it appears Jake shares a few fighting traits with the ‘Sharpshooter’.

“I am an elusive boxer and I would say I am exciting and pretty strong. I am not a standard style ordinary boxer and I think I am stronger than I am fast. You could describe me as a strong counter puncher.


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