TELFORD AMATEUR STAR Macaulay Owen is set to turn professional and has signed promotional terms with Frank Warren and Queensberry.

Owen, 23, who holds a Masters degree in sports nutrition from Coventry University, after gathering the experience of 75 fights in the amateur ranks, where he won the CYPs, two British University championships and was a double winner of the Haringey Box Cup, where in the second of which he was declared Boxer of the Tournament.

With 30 fights as a senior amateur under his belt and with the pandemic shutting down this code of the sport for a prolonged period, Owen believes the timing is now right for his entry into the professionals.

“It is the best move possible really and it is what I have worked for,” said Owen, who will train under England amateur coach Shiney Singh in Walsall. “Obviously you build your craft in the amateurs and to get the backing of Frank Warren is a great reward, with the history of his promotions. It is a massive thing.

“I’ve known about it for a little while now, but it was a case of waiting to get my licence because Covid delayed everything and put it on hold. It was the chance to sign with Frank that really sparked me to turn over.”

Owen, who fought last in February of last year, originally planned another assault on the ABAs but, with them being aborted last year, he elected switch codes.

“It was a big one for me, but it didn’t necessarily make my mind up because we were looking towards it anyway. I was thinking about one last good run in the ABAs and then turn pro after that.

“I am the right sort of age – I am nearly 24 – and that was one of the biggest things and we need to get moving in the pros now.

“I had 75 fights and really my amateur career was booming towards the end of it and I was at the top of my game in the lightweight division. I won 50, but I lost a lot in the early days because I was a bit of a brawler who liked to have a fight with people

“I went to uni, changed my style and ended up winning much more than I was losing,” added Owen, who firmly believes his extended stint as a senior will serve him well.

“I’ve seen a few lads turn over and it is way too soon because they are not strong enough. I know myself from the amateurs boxing in the seniors that I was often the stronger one in the ring.

“It will be to my benefit and after sparring these pros now I am not going to struggle at this weight at all.

“I am glad I stuck around until 23 and got the fights under my belt fighting fully grown men. It means I can get cracking now and I am ready.”

In terms of what we can expect with regard to fighting style, his proposed stage name suggests he will be relentless in approach.

“I don’t want to give too much away, but I am an aggressive counter puncher, I’m gonna get them on their front foot and stick it on them. I was talking about what to call myself the other day with my coach and he said ‘No Mas’ because of the pressure I am gonna put on people.

“Don’t get me wrong, I am a boxer, but I am a pressure boxer and if you don’t quit I am gonna take you out one way or another.”

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  • born23 July 1997
  • place of birthPlymouth, Devon
  • residenceTelford, Shropshire
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