ANDREW CAIN WILL be seeking to wreak more of his own brand of boxing havoc when he returns to the ring at York Hall on Friday night.

The super bantamweight firebrand has clocked up six KOs in his six professional wins to date and has yet to be taken beyond the third round.

The snapping, scowling Scouse Assassin enters into fight No.7 against Stephen Jackson on the undercard of former amateur opponent Sunny Edwards’ shot at world title glory against  the IBF flyweight champion Moruti Mthalane.

Although his typically angry-looking features probably didn’t show it, Cain insists he was delighted to get the call to jump on a world title card, live on BT Sport.

“I can’t help it, I’m smiling inside!” said the 24-year-old on his aggressive outlook. “I am most definitely happy to be getting a fight and it is always a nice surprise to get the call. I would go and have it now, you know me…

“I might actually decide to box a little bit and show my skills, possibly. But I’m gonna stop him, I’ve got to stop him, to keep my KOs going. It is a four-rounder and it is not going to the scorecard, not if I can help it anyway.

“I say I might box a bit, but come the night I will most likely just want to get him out of there. I can’t help it, it is just the way I am.”

Opponent Jackson enjoyed an impressive win on debut over Sammy Cantwell – that Cain says he has watched one round of – at bantamweight, a division Cain maintains he will campaign at.

“I am going to be doing bantamweight, without a doubt, but for this next one it is super bantam with short notice. I have been on it, eating right and training right, so my weight has come down a couple of kilos and I am walking round at 58kg.”

Slightly longer-term – or shorter if Cain has anything to do with it – the main bantamweight belt holder at the moment is Lee McGregor, who holds the British, Commonwealth and European, while Cain will also be jostling for position at the weight with promotional stablemate Dennis McCann.

“Get me in there with any of them. I would take that McGregor fight tomorrow, me. McCann can fight, although I don’t think it would be wise to put him in there with me just yet.

“I am more than ready for this fight on Friday and, even if I wasn’t, I would make myself ready. I had a nice bit of sparring last week and it worked out perfectly, having two eight-rounders and a four-rounder, plus a couple of rounds with Peter McGrail. So I am definitely ready.

“It is always nice to have four or five weeks, but I would be ready on a day’s notice and ready to go. If they told me it was today I would get a taxi there right now.”

Cain knows that, particularly during this period when slots on TV cards are at a premium, making an impression is paramount and opportunities to shine must be taken. His last BT Sport exposure came when he terrorised Ed Harrison into a third round submission last July.

“It is always important because I don’t think I did on the last one. To be honest, I got a bit angry and lost my head a bit because the fella got a bit cheeky in the build-up. I want to take my time a little bit this time, at least for the first round and have a little look.

“I want to box properly instead of just walking at him with my hands down like a bit of a lunatic!”

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9 June 2023 | York Hall, Bethnal Green