TOMMY FURY has warned Jake Paul to be ready for a trip to the dentist if they ever meet each other.

American YouTuber, Paul and the unbeaten Light-Heavyweight hope have been filling each other in with verbal taunts, but haven’t come across each other in Miami where both are holed up.

Love Island sensation Fury is there training alongside brother Tyson preparing for his sixth professional fight in Telford on Saturday June 5, live on BT Sport.

Paul moved to Miami recently and has reportedly signed a deal for Showtime to screen his fights, after winning three celebrity boxing matches and reckons Tommy is on his radar.

Earlier this month Jake sparked a brawl at the press conference to announce his brother, Logan’s bout against Floyd Mayweather.

He confronted the all-time great and then snatched a baseball cap from his head leading to chaotic scenes.

Fury dubbed a “spoon-fed reality star” by Jake promised it would have been even nastier had the internet star attempted the stunt he pulled with Mayweather on him.

Tommy said: “If Jake Paul tried to take my cap I’d break his jaw and nose on sight. He’d have no teeth left. I’d knock them straight down his throat.

“I’d run after him and give him the worst beating he has had in his life and see what the YouTuber thinks then.

“Floyd is a good businessman and one of the best fighters ever. He can’t be giving his full mindset to Jake Paul, a YouTuber.

“But, If I was in Mayweather’s position and someone came to my event and started playing up they’d be getting it, cameras or no cameras.

“My last opponent Scott Williams would take Jake Paul out of there in two rounds. He is an actual fighting man, fighting all his life and knows what it is like to take a crack.”

Fury returns home next week and doesn’t expect Paul to come anywhere near him even though they are a few miles apart in the Magic City.

He added: “Our paths haven’t crossed because the man is s**t scared. If you’re very intimidated by somebody you’re not going to cross their paths — you’re going to stay 100 miles plus away from them.

“He most probably knows my location, written on a piece of paper X, X, X and said to himself; ’Can’t go there. It’s out of bounds for the next two weeks.’”

Last weekend Tommy, Tyson and the WBC World Heavyweight champion’s son Prince were VIP guests of WWE boss Vince McMahon at ‘Wrestlemania Backlash.’

Tyson who had a WWE match in 2019, Tommy and Prince met with McMahon and wrestling legends such as Paul Heyman, Ric Flair and Sheamus.

Tommy has revealed that once he has achieved his boxing goals and won a world title, the WWE will be his future.

He explained: “Wrestling has always been the number one sport of mine. I have always loved it just like every kid does.

“When I met the guys I hoped they were thinking; ‘sign him up’, because after boxing I definitely want to give it a go.

“I am sat down thinking; ‘I’ve shook hands with Vince McMahon and all the wrestlers I watched as a kid.”

“The experience was one of my top three ever because I have always wanted to do that. Crazy feeling — 22-years-old or not I will never get over that.

“One million, trillion per-cent that is what I want to do. Don’t get me wrong it is fun, but big men get injured in there and it is no game. I’m super athletic and it is right up my alley.”

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