posted on: 09/04/2020

DENNIS MCCANN CARRIED out his final duty involving a ring just in the nick of time ahead of the country entering into a form of confinement a couple of weeks back.

McCann, indeed, was his usual box of tricks when he took on the durable – and significantly heavier on the night – Nicaraguan Pablo Narvaez at York Hall on February 22 to take himself to 6-0 as a pro in his first fight of 2020.

Boxing, along with all competitive sport, has now hit the buffers as nearly all are confined to barracks due to the Covid-19 crisis that is touching all corners of the globe.

But McCann, 19, still had another ring engagement to fulfil and that was putting a band on the finger of his now wife Kathleen on March 14.

Sadly, subsequent celebrations across the country have since been put on hold so McCann’s timing for the big occasion was as impeccable as ever.

“I was lucky, wasn’t I?” reflected the Maidstone-based Menace. “Everyone’s weddings are getting cancelled now so we were very, very lucky. It went very well, it was a packed house and there were loads of people there.

“My speech? I didn’t have to do one, no, which is just as well because I would have s**t myself! I got away with it so I was lucky again. Thank God, nobody did a speech.

“I am not the greatest dancer so the first dance didn’t go down too well and I could’ve done better. It was Seasons by Shaggy, which is a good tune, but there is a lot of video evidence of me dancing…”

So Dennis the Menace has entered into married life and he claims that, as of yet, it has not been a life changing experience.

“It is the exact same, just the same as usual really. I’ve got my own gaff because we’ve got a big piece of land and we live together as a family, with me having my own caravan from fairly recently.

“What’s going on at the moment is just the same for us and we’re not moving, except going to the shop once a week and all that carry on. The ruling means you can’t meet friends and stuff and I can’t either because it is just my dad’s place and isn’t a site with loads of different people.

“It is just my immediate family with my sister-in-law, Kathleen, me, mum, dad and my brothers. That’s it really. We are all confined and locked up!

“I haven’t been doing that much, to be honest. I have started training now after having some stuff sent over from Al (trainer, Smith) and that is it. Just hoping for the best and praying.

“I was supposed to be on my honeymoon, which was supposed to be after my fight on April 11 and we were going to Cancun. Luckily I didn’t get around to booking it and thankfully I never did because I didn’t want to take a chance with the virus.

“I don’t know when I will be able to get back training with Al and none of us do. We are all in the same boat,” added McCann, who insists he wasn’t daunted in any way over the fact his last fight was likely viewed by millions on ITV, who simulcast the action along with BT Sport.

McCann is an entertainer but reveals he put no pressure on himself to put on a show for a nationwide audience.

“Not at all, to be honest. The kid I was fighting I knew exactly how he would come out and I needed to put pressure on him at all times. I nearly had him out of there a couple of times, but he was tough and I was giving away a bit of weight.

“He knew what he was doing, he is experienced and a very decent opponent. He must have come in heavier on purpose just so he could hold the shots a bit easier.

“I wasn’t angry afterwards with not getting the stoppage and was actually quite happy. I hit him with some big shots and I came out without a mark on my face.

“I must admit it is a little hard to keep motivated at the moment, but I know I’ve got to tick over. I’ve got a little gym to work in but when you don’t know when we will all be fighting again it is harder to keep going.

“We’ve got to do it though, because when the call comes you’ve got to be ready.”


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