posted on: 15/05/2020
Mark Heffron

WHO WOULD HAVE thought it?

Lockdown affects different people in different ways but it is highly doubtful that anyone, particularly from the surrounds of Oldham, would ever have predicted seeing local hard nut Mark Heffron wiggling his posterior in a one-piece mini… And then posting the footage across social media.

A few weeks have elapsed since he shared the tender moments from the House of Heffron with the wider public, which might suggest the man himself has been thinking better it after all.

“You know what, that was Rebecca having me do silly things!” reported the now super middleweight banger on the antics of himself and his other half. “We was only a week or so into it at the time and she got me doing stupid stuff – we did another one the other day and she fell and bumped her head.

“She picked up a bit of a shiner!” added Heffron, who concedes he has never before considered sporting female fashion.

“Nope, never, and I am not intending to either! If it has gone around much in Oldham I am gonna get dissed for it so much.

“I’ve never imagined doing something like it before and I cannot even believe that I actually posted it. It made a lot of people smile and laugh though, didn’t it?

“I still can’t believe it all,” he emphasised, before revealing that lockdown fancy dress has not got in the way of him readying himself for a return to the ring.

“I am still training as normal, really. Still doing my two sessions a day, doing my running and I’ve got this boxing thing in my house that springs back to you so I have been doing 12 rounds on that. I am staying ready because, once all this is over, I want a date and I will be ready to go and you don’t know when the call is going to come.

“I’ve got to be training anyway because if I wasn’t I would lose my mind. I enjoy training and it is a big part of my life.

“I am also using the time to see my little girl more because I don’t usually get as much time because I am always in training. Now I am getting to spend a lot more time with Poppy and I am enjoying it, to be honest.

“We are doing the learning things and she knows the alphabet now, so she is a bit ahead of me…”

On the subject of the alphabet, Heffron hopes his name will soon be circulating around the rankings of the governing bodies as he, once again, embarks on life as a super middleweight following four straight wins since losing his unbeaten tag to Liam Williams in a British title shootout.

“It is true I am moving up and going back to super middleweight. I feel stronger there because once I start going below 12 stone it just zaps me and my energy levels just drop.

“I used to do super middleweight and in sparring I have always felt big and strong until I start cutting the food down to make weight.

“It is one thing making middleweight and having the advantage of being big, but I need to be performing at middleweight to make that work for me. In the Liam Williams fight I messed up the weight as well and ended up coming in at 11st 4lbs.

“I got it all wrong for that fight and should have had someone with me who is experienced in getting to the weight in the correct way.

“What is next for me? Whatever Frank brings to the table and I am open to offers. I just want to be in big fights and I am definitely ready to jump straight in. I am ready to go, one hundred per cent.”

The man with a target on his back in the super middleweight division is currently Lerrone Richards, who is the proud owner of two titles Heffron has designs on.

“I want the British and Commonwealth, so whoever has got them I want. The same person has them both in Lerrone Richards, so I want him.

“It would definitely be an awkward one with his style and I would have to train extra, extra hard and set a mad pace for him, wouldn’t I?

“He is a tricky customer but I would be one hundred per cent happy to go straight in with him. I want to be in the big fights for proper titles. It will not be easy and it is not meant to be.

“This rest has done me some good because I had a few little niggles here and there that were dragging me down a bit, but I am good now and ready to go.”

Heffron, who enjoys a huge following, also has his heart set on a huge outdoor event in his home town.

“I suppose one thing that is missing for me is an arena in Oldham because it is mint the support I get here. Fighting at Oldham Athletic is the goal for me and my manager has been in touch with the Warrens and it seems like they are up for it.

“I had a meeting there about nine or ten weeks ago and the football club are keen. I reckon I could sell it with the tickets I do up here and if they put a couple of Manchester lads on as well we would fill it up.

“Boundary Park is like a brand new stadium now and would be a great place to stage a big fight.”


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