Michael Watson MBE

posted on: 21/09/2016

Michael Watson MBE

I couldn’t let today’s date pass without mentioning the 25th anniversary of a fight that ultimately changed Boxing for the better despite one heroic man, Michael Watson having his life changed forever.

It seems incredible that it is a quarter of a century since Michael Watson suffered his devastating injury following his world title battle at White Hart Lane against Chris Eubank, but for Michael every day has been a fight, but thankfully due to his extraordinary believe, bravery and resolve it is a fight that despite being a huge underdog he has now built up an impressive points lead.

Michael is a truly inspirational man and has constantly defined the odds and his belief in God has been a major factor in his remarkable story along with the support of his family and great friend and carer Lenny who has been a constant companion.

Despite not being the promoter of that tragic event, I took great personal pride in staging a huge benefit evening for Michael in 2002 which ensured Michael continued to receive the best care possible and re-build his life without additional burden.

Despite failings on the night which are well documented, Michael’s injuries ensured that many other Boxers have been saved from similar plight due to the medical facilities that are now implemented at ringside and the introduction of the all-important MRI scans.

Unquestionably, Michael was let down that night by the sport he loved and indeed still does but his story is one that has become inspirational to many both inside and outside the sport. Since those tragic events of 1991 his conduct and attitude have been amazing and he is undoubtedly a great ambassador for Boxing and humanity and quite rightly he was awarded the MBE in 2004 for his charitable and inspirational work.

Michael we salute you.


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