RISING HEAVYWEIGHT STAR George Fox has signed a promotional agreement with Frank Warren to fight under the Queensberry Promotions banner.

The 29-year-old, who is 3-0 in the professional ranks after making his debut in June 2018, was last in the ring in November 2019. Fox will be managed by Francis Warren.

“I am delighted to be announcing the partnership with Queensberry and we are looking to do big things in the sport,” said Fox on his career development. “I have genuine aspirations of becoming world champion and I believe, coupled with the history of Frank Warren’s establishment in the sport, I am with the right people to guide me to success.

“He has got vast experience and has been on this journey many times. Hopefully I will be another new addition who goes on to achieve great things.”

After a period out of the ring, Fox is ready to return to boxing’s flagship division, ready to make his mark in a sport where he has 20 amateur fights under his belt.

“One hundred per cent, I think the impact that Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua have had on the sport has been huge. You’ve seen an influx of big men testing themselves and throwing themselves into the mix competing to become the next big thing.

“There are a lot of up and coming talents and prospects and I am excited to make my way as one of them and hopefully to come out on top,” added Fox, who reveals that a link-up with Queensberry felt a natural move to make given his family’s connection to Frank Warren over many years.

“There is a lot of history there with my dad (Don Charles) being Dereck Chisora’s coach for over 12 years. I have known Francis and Frank since I was about eight years old, to be honest, so there is a long-standing relationship there, along with trust, mutual respect and understanding.

“I think we are going to have the right harmony and connection to work as a team and achieve what we believe we are capable of. We had a lot of conversations as a family in-house and there is no doubt we are making a great decision.”

Despite the frustration of well over a year out of the ring, Fox insists he is ready to hit the ground running this Summer.

“It has been very, very tricky. I have never had a platform where I can consistently fight every couple of months to get some momentum. It has all been very stop-start.

“I had a little time out of the sport and then we had the Covid situation, so fights have been few and far between for me. Rest assured, in the meantime I have been sparring Tyson Fury and have done two camps with him. I haven’t been sleeping on the job and I’ve been progressing behind closed doors, doing our work and now is the time to showcase what we have been doing to the world.

“I am looking forward to it, everything will come together and I will deliver on fight night.”

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