posted on: 27/11/2017

Daniel Dubois

Fighter Diary by Daniel Dubois

Daniel Dubois closes out his first year as a professional at the Copper Box on December 9 with his sixth professional heavyweight contest against Dorian Darch. In his latest exclusive Fighter Diary, the 20-year-old looks ahead to his next challenge and back on a productive introduction to the pro ranks…

I’VE HAD A look at my next opponent and he seems to be a capable challenger who will provide me with the test I need at this stage. He has been around a while – had 18 fights – and I am expecting a good challenge.

Dorian Darch seems to have a decent boxing pedigree and good skills, so hopefully we will have a good fight. I am confident over emerging victorious from this battle and moving onto the next one.

I am relishing this challenge on December 9.

We will see how far it goes, I don’t predict rounds, I just go in there and do my job.

I don’t believe in measuring people up and I just take the first opportunity that presents itself, that is my style.

I don’t worry about getting rounds in when I don’t have to. I practice so much in the gym and it is about bringing that practice into play.

That is what I do. I don’t want to be working for nothing so I go in there and do my job straight away. If it means a first round blow out then fine by me.

People might make comparisons with Anthony Joshua and the job he did on Darch in his fourth fight, but that doesn’t interest me at all. I am not about comparing myself to anyone, it about being me, I am Daniel Dubois and there is nobody else like me.

I will just go in there and do my thing.

Time has moved on anyway, Darch is probably not the same fighter he was back then as he will have more experience now and will be looking to win.

None of it matters though; I am just looking forward to getting in the ring and doing my job.

My first year has been sort of what I expected, but this is boxing and it has blown up with the media interest from everyone due to BT Sport and BoxNation doing such a good job in profiling me.

Frank Warren, my promoter, has also done a good job for me so now I’ve just got to keep doing my job in the ring.

I am absolutely enjoying it. I practice every day and I love it. It is like a script and I am writing it every day when I go to work.

My name is starting to get out there more and more – across the pond, also. The other night I did an interview with some guys over in Las Vegas, so it getting out there and it is all an experience.

It is also life and boxing takes up your whole life. I am relishing it, going through it and learning.

There has been talk of fighting for the English title early next year and if the fight can be made, then yes, I am up for anything.

Next year I want to be a better fighter in bigger fights, moving up the ladder and get more experience as a professional fighter.

I talked about taking four years to get where I wanted to be when I started and yeah I am taking shortcuts already, it seems that way. So I will keep the train moving and I can definitely get there before the four years.

The same amount of fights next year would be good because they say if you keep in the ring you keep getting better and sharper. I like to be busy in the ring and the gym and improving at my craft.

The other side of it all is the media and it is a new dynamic for me in the game of boxing and it is part of it now. You have to adjust and I am learning as I go along. It is all part of the game, you’ve got to pick it up and work with it to get your name out there and let more and more people know about me and take notice.

It is funny though, you can have a whole amateur career without anyone taking any notice. Nobody cared then or took any notice of me doing my work back then. Now, all of a sudden, I’m doing interviews, photoshoots and it is a whole new thing.

I’m glad to be where I am now and doing what I love.


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