ALL SUNNY EDWARDS wants for an early Christmas present is a domestic dust-up and current top of his gift-list is Marcel Braithwaite, who fights for the English super flyweight title this weekend in Hull.

Showtime Sunny expects to be dazzling us all once again on a big London show in December and, truth be told, he would prefer to sample some home cooking after dining out on fiery Mexicans in three of his last four fights.

While the fights may be tougher and his world title strategy continues apace, Edwards also accepts that he does not receive the same level of recognition that would come his way had he vanquished a rival on the home front.

Fighting the tricky 23-year-old does not tickle the fancy of the domestic flyweights and super flyweights, so Edwards has turned his thoughts to someone who has previously piped up with an interest in fighting him.

“I want that Marcel Braithwaite, to be honest, if he wins at the weekend,” stated Edwards on the 8-1 Liverpool man who challenges Craig Derbyshire for his belt on Saturday. “I just want to fight and I’m up for anything.

“Well, he turned down the fight in July and then at the Leeds show the other week his trainer Wayne Smith was chasing around after Francis Warren saying they wanted the fight.

“So we’ll have to see,” he added, pointing out that a fight with Braithwaite wouldn’t necessarily have to come packaged as a British title shot.

“You know, at this point, it could be for anything. If he wins then he wins the English title then I’ll fight him for that or I don’t see why it shouldn’t be for the British.”

What a title fight against Braithwaite would mean is that Edwards would need to flip back to super flyweight after winning IBF and WBO Intercontinental belts at flyweight in September at York Hall.

He simply views jumping up and down in weight as an occupational hazard of operating in the lowest weight classes.


“That will always be the dynamic with me because I am always going to struggle to get the opportunities. Going up and down makes no odds to me and I don’t care at all.


“It will affect my rankings, but I am with a great promotional team and management, so when opportunities come to fight for world titles I will get them.”

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