posted on: 26/05/2016

By Frank Warren

Only the Eubanks would have the audacity to start sounding off about Gennady Golovkin in the same session as the announcement of a British title defence against an opponent whose claim to fame doesn’t yet extend much beyond being successful in Prizefighter.

Chris Eubank

This is no criticism of Tom Doran, who is not without talent and showed admirable spirit in hauling himself off the canvas to overcome Luke Keeler last time out.

But is he really ready to operate at the same level as Chris Eubank jnr, who considers himself ready and waiting to overthrow the Kazakh king of the ring?

The Eubanks have rekindled their relationship with Matchroom just in time to beef up another pay-per-card and it may end up being a half-decent – but I suspect one-sided – scrap. Doran is clearly brave and I hope the step up in class doesn’t prove too steep.

The aftermath of the tragic fight that has ended Nick’s career has resulted in some public unpleasantness between them and I can understand why Blackwell is peeved..

The Eubanks seem full of empty gestures – like Chris jnr offering to give Blackwell his British title belt when he must be aware it is not his to give. The much-prized Lonsdale Belt is only on loan until it has been won outright three times.

According to the Eubanks apparently all roads lead to Triple G and the gauntlet has been thrown down to Eddie Hearn, demanding he makes this match by the end of their new two-fight agreement.

In my mind, there is no way in the world that Eubank beats Golovkin, not in a million years. Hearn has hinted at sharing this opinion, but will obviously have no problem in putting in a call to GGG’s promoters K2. If the holder of three of the recognised belts can be tempted into what should be a straightforward defence of his titles it should be an easy night for him.. But I can’t see it happening.

Yet it is strange that the Eubanks have steadfastly resisted the opportunity to avenge a defeat and challenge for a world title at the same time.

I made them an offer for a rematch with WBO middleweight champ Billy Joe Saunders this summer and, for the second time, this was declined. Defences of his British title and a gubbing off Golovkin are apparently the goal – or own goal.

As I said before, who are they trying to kid? The Boy Wonder will not beat Golovkin and neither would’ve his old man back in the day. I doubt if the pair of them would pull it off if they went into the ring together!

The old man was a good brave fighter, but I do feel he would have struggled to contain Golovkin at middleweight. The same goes for Nigel Benn.

The only fighter of recent times who I think might have got the better of him is Joe Calzaghe. Joe just found a way to counter any threat with his great tactical brain, he could box his way out of bother and possessed a solid chin.

You have to give Billy Joe a fighting chance of outfoxing Golovkin. Bill boxes in tandem with his brain and is a smart operator at the highest level. The taller the order the better he responds.

Billy Joe Saunders

Bill paces himself through fights and has the skill to keep his head out of harm’s way. Look, I am not saying it would be any sort of boxing certainty, but Golovkin would be forced to solve puzzles he has not been posed before and neither of them has tasted defeat in their professional careers.

That is a genuine match that is there for the making.

Being the holders of the belts, both have options and we await news on whether Saul Alvarez will finally sign up for a collision with Golovkin that the boxing world is demanding.

The signs are not encouraging, given that Canelo has relinquished his WBC title due to the time restraints being enforced by the governing body. He appears happy to play the waiting game and, to a certain extent, I can understand why he is being a bit coy because, as it stands at the moment, the cards are stacked in Golovkin’s favour – especially weight-wise.

Golovkin is an absolute natural and a fearsome puncher at 160lbs, while Canelo hovers between two divisions, even though he enters the ring resembling a full-blown super middleweight.

With its credibility at stake, the WBC belt cannot continue being fought for at a catchweight and Canelo needed to make a choice. For now, he has bought himself some time by giving the belt back.

The decision provoked a strong rebuke from Billy Joe, who just cannot fathom why a belt would be surrendered without a fight. I would certainly never suggest Bill parts with his world champion status without throwing a punch – or he might aim one at me!

But while Bill came on a bit strong with his verbal assault on Canelo, he was also being a bit mischievous and stirring the pot. They were calculated insults because Bill would love to lure Canelo into sharing a ring with him – and it is certainly a fight we have talked about.

Be it Canelo, be it Golovkin, Bill wants the biggest fights and that is what we plan to deliver for him.

More from Frank tomorrow


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