posted on: 06/11/2019
Wilder v Fury

By Frank Warren

THERE CANNOT BE much dispute now over the fact that Tyson Fury must be one of the most recognisable sporting figures on the planet.

Since adding ESPN to his television portfolio alongside BT Sport, Tyson has wowed, charmed and thrilled American audiences by pretty much just being himself and enjoying life to the full.

His latest escapade, launching himself into the WWE with a match against ‘The Monster Among Men’ Braun Strowman, represents another chapter in Tyson’s staggering re-emergence from the dark place he found himself in a couple of short years ago.

With everything that goes into piecing major heavyweight showdowns together in this day and age there is always going to be significant chunks of time between fights. The Tyson we are seeing now is not sitting about binging and piling on the pounds during his downtime, he is putting himself out there and breaking new frontiers.

Yes he will have been fulfilling the dream of his son to see him get to grips with the WWE superstars and yes he will have been paid a nice few quid to do so. But, more than that, Tyson knows the score and would have been fully aware that he was seriously tapping into a new family audience who love an entertainer.

That is what Tyson is – along with being an elite-level heavyweight and the best in the business – and there is even talk of him performing a duet with Robbie Williams to bring us all some festive cheer.

Tyson is now a man in demand and the reason for this is because he is a personality. One that people can relate and warm to. It is just a shame that he had to suffer those wasted years when the negativity aimed in his direction ultimately ended up getting the better of him.

Now he has found his true self again and the real Tyson is coming out.

There is another major beneficiary in all this. Everything Tyson does is making fortunes for Deontay Wilder.

The best thing that happened to Deontay Wilder is Tyson Fury, that is for sure.

Deontay tries hard to make himself a household name in his homeland, but it is Tyson who will sell this fight to the masses and he is the game changer.

Our man, mercifully, came through his rough and tumble unscathed and will be ready for his February date with destiny.

Over to you Deontay. Do your thing against Luis Ortiz on November 23 and then we will get the fight we have all been waiting for.

I WOULD LIKE to add my own best wishes to Nicola Adams following the announcement of her retirement from boxing.

Nicola Adams OBE

It has been a genuine pleasure to have promoted and got to know Nicola over the last couple of years since she turned professional and I am so happy that we were able to take her to the status of world champion before she called time on her glittering career.

I am certain Nicola will make a success of whatever she chooses to do next because, as her boxing career demonstrated beyond dispute, she is a born winner.

CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR very own marathon man Steve Lillis who completed the New York circuit over the weekend in a time of 4 hours 16 minutes.

More importantly, Steve was raising funds to contribute towards the necessary house conversion that will allow the boxer Charlie Wynn to return home from his treatment at a rehabilitation centre.

Charlie suffered a brain bleed following a sparring session in 2018 resulting in emergency surgery that saved his life. His wife Tina wants him home to continue his ongoing recovery and Steve’s efforts will contribute towards the costs of modifications to their property.

Well done Steve!


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