Why Fury and Haye should still get it on

Why Fury and Haye should still get it on


“This Tyson Fury,” mused a mate who knows I have more than a passing interest in things fistic.” What’s he like?”

Haye v Fury

I offered my opinion, for what its worth, and let’s say it amounted to him being something of an enigmatic maverick, though probably I was being kinder than I should have been. 

Wladimir Klitschko couldn’t work him out any more than the rest of us can.

My friend, who is no boxing buff, admitted he was intrigued by the furore Fury has created since he became a world champion, just as he was when catching David Haye’s whirlwind comeback on Dave last weekend.

“Why don’t they fight each other,” he asked. “And if they did who would win?”

Good question, and one, alas, to which we may never know the answer.

Fury says he doesn’t want to know as he still has the hump after twice being jilted when Haye suffered injuries to an eyebrow and shoulder.

Pity, because I believe this is a natural match-up the public would still dearly love to see.

Never mind Anthony Joshua. I doubt he’s ready for either yet but Fury v Haye would whet my appetite more than any other prospective heavyweight punch-up this year.

It becomes even spicier with Fury’s elevation to global stardom and Haye’s apparent desire to recapture past glories.

When they were originally due to meet I was convinced Haye would knock out the mouthy gypsy giant. Now I am far from sure.

It is more likely that Fury would humiliate Haye just as Klitschko did – but what fun it would be finding out.

The build-up to such a scrap would be phenomenal, because both know how to sell themselves, and a fight of this magnitude, such is their aptitude for sock-it-to-‘em spiel.

Fury remains adamant he won’t give Haye shot at the title, declaring:

“I’ve made it quite clear, after what he did to me twice I’ll never give him the fight. I’ll never give him a pay day so people can try and build it and do what they want to do.

“He’s trying to get money from me. I’m not prepared to give it to him. Just like he wasn’t prepared to give me any money, I’m not prepared to give him any money.

“He is a bum and he’s going nowhere”.

Fury was never one to mince his words and that does sound pretty definite. But in boxing as any promoter will tell you, you never never say never; so you never know…maybe might happen. Maybe.

DeGale and Groves to meet again

Exclusive to Punchlines: James DeGale and George Groves are top meet again.

Groves v Degale

But don’t get too excited. They won’t be stripped to the waist with the gloves on but will be booted and suited for the opening shortly of Dale Youth Club’s new premises in west London.

This is the club where both were weaned as amateur rivals, and though still sworn enemies after Groves’ controversial victory over ‘Chunky’ DeGale in 2011, have agreed to a temporary truce by doing the honours at the ceremony.

A prelude, perhaps to a ring return for DeGale’s IBF super-middleweight belt should Saint George start getting back to winning ways against Italy’s Andrea di Luisa at the Copperbox next Saturday after his bitterly disputed WBC title defeat by Badou Jack? 


A good job for Bob

Good to see hardworking referee Bob Williams get a biggie at last, brief as it was, when in charge of the Haye-De Mori headliner at the O2.

He did not have much to do except summon the medics to tend the stricken Aussie after just 131 seconds, but as always Bob did a decent job.

The 48-year-old Wiliams, a former pro light-welter and great pal of Terry Downes, Britain’s oldest surviving world champion, is usually seen handling down-the-bill fights but his inconspicuous efficiency is surely deserving of an upgrade. He’s certainly better –and more mobile – than some Star-class refs we could name.

A London fire officer, his first aid training came in handy when he promptly gave life-saving assistance after a guest collapsed at a London Ex-Boxers Association function a couple of years ago.


Don’t miss the bus!

Boxing bargain of the year so far: The £49 a head travel package for fans of Manchester’s WBO lightweight champion Terry Flanagan to watch him defend his title against Derry Mathews at the Liverpool Echo Arena on February 13.

Flanagan v Mathews

Laid on by Queensberry Promotions, it includes a fight ticket and return journey by coach from Manchester’s Brittania Hotel.

The package can be purchased from www.echoarena.com or from the Echo Arena box office on 0844 800 0400.



Frank is the top promoter in the country and knows his boxing inside out, he’s old-school and knows how to create stars. He was fantastic with my career and I’ve got all my faith in him delivering for my nephew Zelfa. This kid can fight, he’s so talented and I’m proud to have brought Zelfa to an impressive 7 and 0 record. Now Frank will take over the promotional side and deliver him his golden opportunities.

Pat Barrett, former British and European welterweight champion, is happy that Frank Warren’s latest signing is in safe hands.


I’ll respect any man that walks into the ring but people like Eddie Hearn and Joe Gallagher who’ve never taken a slap in the mouth in their lives shouldn’t be disrespectful towards me and other fighters. It’s just not on.

Carl Frampton MBE clearly has littlele regard for opponent Scott Quigg’s promoter and trainer.


Apparently I met David Haye… news to me, I don’t remember anything ill I was in the ambulance. I felt like he hit me with a brick in his hand. I knew what to expect and still couldn’t stop it.

The undistinguished Mark de Mori claims he lost his memory as well as the fight.


I know how it might sound but Wilder does nor hit that hard. I took a few punches but expected tremendous force in his hands He landed a few times but something was missing.

Wilder v Szpilka

So how come poleaxed Pole Artur Szpilka was carted off to hospital on a stretcher?


I don’t think people see me as a good guy. They just want me to beat up a few people along the way.

Anthony Joshua reckons he knows his place.

Tomorrow: ‘Why I’m seeing red’ – The Big Interview with Ryan Farag

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